The Cadence Experience

Cadence is a leader in providing evidence-based CBT, DBT and FBT out-patient treatment for children, teens, young adults and parents. Cadence provides a full DBT-Linehan Board Certified program, including six multi-family skills groups and an exceptional consult team. We offer extensive training to our team that leads to DBT Certification.

Cadence is expanding its Anxiety and Eating-Disorders Programs. This offers great training opportunities in CBT and FBT from our highly experienced team of Psychologists and therapists. Cadence works closely with the Linehan Institute, provides training support to Behavioral Tech and is a practicum site for the University of Washington.

Cadence is located on the shores of Lake Washington, in Kirkland, with quick access to Seattle. Our clinic is in a beautiful park that includes restaurants, coffee shops and exercise facilities. We have an outstanding reputation built on providing effective treatment for thousands of families. Cadence is regarded as a unique and special place both by the families we serve and by our team members that have joined us from around the country.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Cadence offers a robust Postdoctoral Fellowship program in evidence-based CBT, DBT and FBT treatments for children, teens, young adults and their parents. You will have the opportunity to build your evidence-based CBT, DBT and FBT experience with supervised training in individual therapy by our Psychologists and by co-leading skills classes. Team members may decide to receive intensive clinical training for DBT-Linehan Board Certification.

We work closely as a supportive team. This experience includes an open door to our clinical director, who is a nationally recognized leader as a trainer and provider of adolescent and adult DBT, internal training by enthusiastic Psychologists with deep clinical experience, weekly grand rounds, a consult team and lots of impromptu meetings between team members. Our support team does a great job of managing intakes, scheduling and billing so that you can focus on learning and providing effective treatments.

We offer very competitive salaries and benefits.


Cadence is seeking part-time and full-time therapists with significant CBT and/or DBT experience. Therapists have the same team benefits and training opportunities in evidence-based CBT, DBT and FBT treatments that are outlined above.

Please submit a vitae and letter of interest to Dan Finnegan, Clinical Director at [email protected].

We look forward to meeting you!