Manda Hakimi Ederer

PhD – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Manda Hakimi Ederer is part of the CBT and DBT teams. She is a licensed clinical psychologist providing a wide-range of child and adolescent mental health therapy and parent psycho-education. Her focus includes anxiety, depression, obesity, ADHD, endocrine and chronic medical disorders and eating disorders. She has over a decade of experience utilizing evidence-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Family-Based Treatment (FBT) – Maudsley Approach for adolescents with eating disorders.

Manda was Director of the Adolescent Outpatient Eating Disorders Program at Oakland Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Co-Chair of the Northern California Best-Practices for Eating Disorders and maintained a private practice in the Bay Area. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology at The George Washington University.

She enjoys skiing, yoga, tennis and spending time with her family.